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A project close to our hearts

The Attila, a disused cargo ship that has been given a new lease of life, cruises across the three lakes. Named after a warrior and king, the Attila now stands for the beauty and strength of a region.

The story begins with the MS Attila. Named after a warrior and king of the Huns, the boat provided many years of reliable service as a transport and cargo ship. Following its purchase by Reederei Vully AG, the boat has now been given a facelift, after which it will be given a new lease of life as Boutique Boatel. Warrior and king Attila becomes a figure of identification for the Three Lakes region. With him, a boat sets sail on the three lakes that focuses on the beauty of this region, takes local businesses and regional products into account and is also environmentally friendly thanks to a hybrid engine.

It is a project from the heart. It was set up by initiators who live in the Three Lakes Region and love this region. The Attila is also the best example of decelerated, environmentally conscious and contemporary travel.


Innovative. Stylish. Quality-conscious.


With the Boutique Boatel Attila, we are launching a project that is unique in Switzerland. This uniqueness is underlined by the stylish implementation, our high quality standards and the innovative power that contemporary tourism demands.


The customer is king

Our guests should spend an unforgettable stay on the Boutique Boatel, enjoy the unique surroundings, relax, be amazed and immerse themselves in a fascinating world. We do everything we can to give them this special experience.


Best quality

We already paid attention to high quality standards during the conversion of the boat. Both in the materials and in the implementation and production of details. This quality standard also applies to the organization of cruises, special events and the food and drink on offer.



We are proud to operate Switzerland's first cruise ship. We are particularly pleased that we can take our guests across the three lakes in an environmentally conscious manner. This philosophy of innovation and sustainability is a basic idea that we will continue to pursue.



"Style is the harmony of beautiful things." This well-known quote perfectly describes what our guests encounter on the Attila. The Boutique Boatel, the furnishings, the offer and the surroundings create the harmony that results in this stylish beauty.

The Attila Crew


First it was the famous beer idea. It was only thanks to this innovative, creative and constructive team that the idea became a fascinating reality.

About us 4
Richard Hurni 
Chairman of the Board of Directors / Head of Marketing (CMO)
About us 5
Peter Josi 
Member of the Board of Directors / Head of Finance (CFO)
About us 6
Joel Senn 
Cruise Manager / Captain 
About us 7
Peter Boss 
Member of the Board of Directors 
About us 8
Mark von Weissenfluh 
Member of the Board of Directors 
About us 9
Matthias Spycher 
Member of the Board of Directors 

A big thank you


We can count on partners who have supported the Attila project from the very beginning and thus made it possible. They deserve a big thank you!

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