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"I am fascinated by the interplay between nature and technology"

René Goetschi is the chief captain on the MS Attila. With his fascination for shipping and especially for the Boutique Boatel ATTILA, he delights and inspires our guests.

In an interview, René told us what he particularly likes about his work as captain and where he sees parallels with his hobby, beekeeping.

René, you have been a captain on various ships for 10 years. What fascinates you about shipping and your job? What in particular about the MS Attila?

Water is my favorite element and I have long been fascinated by boating. My grandmother lived near the "Schiff" hotel in Murten. Even as a child, I saw the ships come and go.

What fascinates me about being a captain is the interplay between nature and technology. There are numerous special moments to experience on every trip and there are always new challenges to overcome. No two days are the same. The diversity of nature and the contact with guests enrich and fulfill me.

I know the MS Attila from the time when it was still a cargo ship and party boat. The ship has a special charisma. Today, the MS Attila is elegant and has a new look. It means good fortune for me that I can now steer her.

You are a captain and also a beekeeper. What does beekeeping have in common with shipping?

My 10 bee colonies have to be treated, cared for and looked after carefully. Whether there is a good harvest depends on many factors. The closeness to nature, the many facets of bee life. This insight and the dialog are exciting and invigorating.

As captain, I look after the ship and the guests. People book our trips and expect an unforgettable experience. Here too, closeness to nature and the unforeseen are decisive factors. In contrast to beekeeping, where many things cannot be influenced, on the MS Attila I can help to ensure that guests have a unique experience.

What do you particularly like about the MS Attila's itineraries?

I like the view from the ship, across the water to the land. It's different on large cruise ships that sail the seas. You often see a lot of "nothing" for hours on end.

There are wonderful things to see on our travel routes. Our guests have countless opportunities to observe animals, landscapes and villages and to capture them with photo and film cameras. The views from the deck of the MS Attila are harmonious, incomparable and unique in the region.

Our trips are characterized by their diversity. On land, a visit to the BirdLife nature conservation center La Sauge and the Laténium, the largest archaeological museum in Switzerland, are among my favorites; places that our guests often don't know about. A visit to a local winegrower is always a highlight and highly recommended. The passage of the Zihl bridge is also impressive, and it's a case of "heads down" when our boat passes.


Why would anyone book a cruise with you as captain?

I look after the well-being of the guests and, together with the ship's crew, help to ensure that travelers have an unforgettable experience. Being on board the MS Attila means being able to experience at first hand how I, as captain, steer the ship and keep it on course. The guests can watch me do everything and feel the magic of gliding along on the water. I like to share my joy and fascination for boating with our guests. I am happy to answer questions about boats, traffic rules, etc. I often realize during such conversations that my work on the MS Atilla is very complex and varied. When the captain, the crew and the guests can experience enjoyable moments together, it's a win-win situation for everyone.


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